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Value at Risk: The Benchmark for Controlling Market Risk

Philippe Jorion
3rd Edition
Maidenhead, UK: McGraw-Hill, 2006
600pp, ISBN: 978-0-07-146495-6

This book is aimed at helping professional risk managers understand and operate within today’s dynamic new risk environment. This edition updates the original book, which focused on “Value at Risk” as a financial technique to measure risks run by trading and investment operations. New developments include a chapter on liquidity risk, and information on the latest risk instruments and the expanded derivatives market.

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Value at Risk: The New Benchmark for Managing Financial Risk, 3rd Edition

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Product Description

Since its original publication, Value at Risk has become the industry standard in risk management. Now in its Third Edition, this international bestseller addresses the fundamental changes in the field that have occurred across the globe in recent years. Philippe Jorion provides the most current information needed to understand and implement VAR-as well as manage newer dimensions of financial risk. Featured updates include:

  • An increased emphasis on operational risk
  • Using VAR for integrated risk management and to measure economic capital
  • Applications of VAR to risk budgeting in investment management
  • Discussion of new risk-management techniques, including extreme value theory, principal components, and copulas
  • Extensive coverage of the recently finalized Basel II capital adequacy rules for commercial banks, integrated throughout the book

    A major new feature of the Third Edition is the addition of short questions and exercises at the end of each chapter, making it even easier to check progress. Detailed answers are posted on the companion web site The web site contains other materials, including additional questions that course instructors can assign to their students.

    Jorion leaves no stone unturned, addressing the building blocks of VAR from computing and backtesting models to forecasting risk and correlations. He outlines the use of VAR to measure and control risk for trading, for investment management, and for enterprise-wide risk management. He also points out key pitfalls to watch out for in risk-management systems.

    The value-at-risk approach continues to improve worldwide standards for managing numerous types of risk. Now more than ever, professionals can depend on Value at Risk for comprehensive, authoritative counsel on VAR, its application, and its results-and to keep ahead of the curve.

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