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The Sourcing Solution: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Purchasing Program

Larry Paquette
New York: AMACOM, 2004
224pp, ISBN: 978-0-8144-7191-3

Larry Paquette believes that, as purchasing options and technologies become more plentiful, they also become more complex. In this text, he sets out to help managers sort through alternatives, identify the strategies that make sense, and implement them in ways that complement the overall business strategy. He explains how to make the most of vendor relationships and partnerships, opportunities for cost reduction, electronic and paperless inventory management, product knowledge and company information, different production models, global sourcing opportunities, scheduling, and contracts and negotiations.

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The Sourcing Solution: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Purchasing Program

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Product Description

"The purchasing function is in the middle of unprecedented change. The transformation is being driven by globalization in consumer and supplier markets, as well as by rapid technological advances that facilitate procurement on any scale.

"The Sourcing Solution" offers a clear overview of the new tools of sourcing success, including e-commerce and Internet strategies, supply-chain management technology, inventory auction sites, strategic sourcing initiatives, offshore and international sourcing, and much more. Author Larry Paquette brings his considerable experience to this engaging and accessible guide, designed to give readers practical ideas for use in their own organizations and throughout their careers.

"The Sourcing Solution" is a timely resource for professionals at all levels, including:

* Newly promoted buyers who will use it as a basic introduction to purchasing, filled with great ideas for how to do the job better

* Managers whose growth and new responsibilities require understanding of broader issues

* Executives who need to identify shortfalls in current sourcing initiatives, set new procurement goals, and develop strategies and metrics for ensuring success"

"Lean manufacturing is the single most effective way to increase sales, cut costs, improve margins, and secure the future of a business. The problem is that the principles and philosophies of lean manufacturing are geared strictly to mass production operations--and can be ineffective, even detrimental, for smaller job shops and make-to-order businesses.

Now, "Speed to Market" delivers a proven approach for smaller suppliers who want to successfully cut their lead time and trigger profitable growth. Completely updated and expanded, the book explains how to:

* Apply the principles of pull, flow, and the elimination of waste to every area of the company, at every stage from ""quotes to cash""

* Implement a continuous improvement process--while sidestepping the typical implementation pitfalls

* Ease scheduling problems

* Improve performance and profitability using the book's practical concepts, process analysis tools, and perspective-enhancing techniques--and much more."

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