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The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management

Andrew Hiles, Peter Barnes (editors)
2nd Edition
Chichester, UK: Wiley, 2007
666pp, ISBN: 978-0-470-51638-6

This revised and updated edition tackles business continuity from two perspectives: the first part discusses the key concepts and provides an overview of the type of events which can interrupt business; the second takes the form of a practical how-to guide. Further resources, including case studies and standards for business continuity practitioners, are listed in appendices.

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The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management

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Product Description

How long would your business survive an interruption? What if operations were destroyed by fire or flood, negative media drives away customers or the company database is stolen or infected by a virus? How well are you prepared to deal with disaster?

This comprehensive guide tells you why you need a plan and then will help you put one together, including fully updated, detailed glossary and additional examples from the USA, Australia and Europe. Clearly split into useful sections, the book is easy to navigate.

The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management has been revised and updated to reflect new regulations and standards by one of the top international authorities in the field, this is an important book for anyone within the business continuity industry.

Seven new chapters include coverage of:  US Homeland Security measures relating to IT; UK Civil Contingencies Act relating to business continuity; NFP 16000 (US National Fire Prevention Association 1600 Business Continuity standard); British Standards Institution/Business Continuity Institute Publicly Available Standard 56 and other current and upcoming standards; Other emerging standards: Singapore standard for Disaster Recovery service providers, Australia & New Zealand standards; Pandemic planning

With contributions from leading practitioners in the industry, The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management has established itself as an invaluable resource for anyone involved in, or looking to gain a detailed appreciation of, the rapidly emerging area of business continuity and disaster recovery within the corporate environment.

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