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New Directions in Supply Chain Management: Technology Strategy and Implementation

Tonya Boone, Ram Ganeshan
New York: AMACOM, 2002
384pp, ISBN: 978-0-8144-0637-3

This collection of 18 original essays examines the efficiencies new technology has brought to supply chain management and how new strategies and solutions based on these changes can be implemented. They are grouped into three sections covering the integration of new technologies into supply chain operations, technology-based product and service development, and knowledge management and supply-chain integration issues.

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New Directions in Supply-Chain Management: Technology, Strategy, and Implementation

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"Technology has introduced dramatic new efficiencies to supply chain design, management, and control - but only to those who can open their minds to these new methods and strategies. This book presents innovative articles from eighteen of today's top young Ph.D. scholars, each based on discussions at the 2000 Frank Batten Young Leaders Forum of the College of William and Mary. These "rising stars" from the country's most prestigious operations management programs each take a fresh perspective on current practices and future directions in supply chain management and overall business strategy. Provocative yet valuable questions are asked - and answers provided - on subjects including: development of effective performance metrics; techniques to streamline the order management cycle; methods to leverage product design and manufacture to reduce supply chain costs; and, ways to share knowledge throughout an organization concerning forecasts, manufacturing and sourcing plans, and distribution".

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