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Montgomery’s Auditing

Vincent M. O’Reilly et al.
12th Edition
New York: Wiley, 1999
336pp, ISBN: 978-0-471-34605-0

The book outlines all the information needed to understand and apply generally accepted auditing standards. It assists auditors in developing an enterprise plan, testing specific accounting cycles and accounts, and producing the final audit report. The book is organized in five parts that cover the audit environment, theory and concepts, auditing specific accounts, completing the audit and reporting results, and auditing specialized industries.

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Montgomery Auditing Continuing Professional Education

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Montgomery's Auditing is the definitive handbook on auditing, and this Continuing Professional Education version is a professional edition of the successful subscription reference, providing a condensed, yet complete overview of auditing for the professional as well as the senior level student. The strategies contained help to strengthen the auditor's skills in the profession's core service-audits conducted in accordance with GAAS of financial statements prepared in conformity with GAAP.

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