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Mastering Financial Mathematics with Excel: A Practical Guide for Business Calculations

Alastair L. Day
Market Editions Series
Harlow, UK: FT Prentice Hall, 2005
350pp, ISBN: 978-0-273-68866-2

This is an examination of the use of spreadsheets tools to enable business managers to carry out financial calculations. It acts as a practical guide to the basic calculations and key financial formulas, and provides a set of tools and methods for applying Excel to solving mathematical problems. It includes a CD for working through the chapters and examples, and provides a menu of basic templates.

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Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft Excel: A Practical Guide for Business Calculations

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Product Description

Provides financial managers, finance professionals and finance students with a quick, easy and practical guide to using Excel for financial mathematics.

  • Financial mathematics can be applied more quickly and easily in Excel than any other package, there is therefore demand for a book in this field.
  • Will improve financial managers’ abilities with Excel and provide them with solutions to their financial problems.
  • Highly practical : includes a library of templates, exercises and solutions as an illustration of the methods.
  • Part of the highly respected and recognised Mastering series.
  • Positioning: Will use simpler models to illustrate the formulas and methodology than Mastering Financial Modelling and Mastering Risk Modelling.
  • Benchmark: 1. Mastering Financial Calculations (Steiner). Similar book, but for professionals in financial markets, and with less emphasis on Excel.
  • Benchmark 2. Paul Wilmott’s Quantitative Finances (Wiley) is in this space but is a high-level academic text and is less practical and easy to absorb. The exercises and solutions in ours will significantly cut down learning time. Ours also focuses wholly on Excel, which is a standard for all financial managers and students, this is what they want and need to know.

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