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Managing Risk in Nonprofit Organizations: A Comprehensive Guide

Melanie L. Herman, George L. Head, Peggy M. Jackson, and Toni E. Fogarty
Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley, 2003
336pp, ISBN: 978-0-471-23674-0

This practical guide shows managers in nonprofit organizations how to implement sound risk management procedures. It is divided into three sections: the nature and purposes of risk management; recognizing the context for risk management; and risk financing for nonprofits. Potential risks covered include human resource issues, fundraising, internet use, mergers, and volunteer management.

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Managing Risk in Nonprofit Organizations: A Comprehensive Guide

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Product Description

Managing Risk in Nonprofit Organizations explains and defines risk management, especially as it applies to nonprofits. It provides comprehensive guidance on such topics as identifying risk, prioritising risk, selecting appropriate risk management techniques, implementing risk management techniques, monitoring risk management, and financing.
* Includes diagrams of the risk management cycle and dimensions of risk graphic
* The nature of these unique risks and the special challenges facing a nonprofit that embarks on a risk management program will also be addressed.
* Written by two leaders at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, a management assistance organization that provides informational resources, technical assistance, and training to an estimated 20,000 nonprofits annually

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