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Managing Environmental Risks and Liabilities

Paul Pritchard
Business and Environmental Practitioner Series
London: Earthscan, 2000
240pp, ISBN: 978-1-85383-598-8

Recent developments in environmental risk management are discussed in this book, which focuses on the nature of environmental risks and their relation to property, financial risk transfer, decision making, risk-management integration, and risk-management frameworks.

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Environmental Risk Management (Business and the Environment Practitioner Series)

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Product Description

This timely publication considers recent developments in environmental risk management as they relate to commercial organizations, including risk transfer through insurance. It starts by looking at characterization of risks based on the hazard-pathway-receptor principles, emphasizing the importance of site specific factors. Environmental risks are increasingly considered as a part of strategic control assessment. Checklists and case studies are presented to assist in review and assessment of environmental risks. Further guidance is offered for decision making under uncertainty, showing the potential of tools such as Monte Carlo analysis and fuzzy logic, and leading to a review of risk assessment and management frameworks. Environmental Risk Management is an accessible and valuable reference to those from a range of backgrounds - including occupational hygiene, safety, quality personnel and operational managers - who are dealing with environmental issues within their organization.

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