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Managing Business Risk: An Organization-Wide Approach to Risk Management

Peter C. Young, Steven C. Tippins
New York: AMACOM, 2001
448pp, ISBN: 978-0-8144-0461-4

This is a practical textbook that explains to managers the essentials of risk management. A model, called “organizational risk management,” is presented to facilitate a cost saving, company-wide approach to risk management. The techniques covered include risk assessment, risk control, asset and liability exposures to risk, risk financing principles, and insurance.

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Managing Business Risk: An Organization-Wide Approach to Risk Management

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Product Description

Organizations have always assessed and managed risk, but until recently this function has been isolated and little understood. Now risk management is moving into a broader spotlight, taking its rightful place beside strategic and operations management. This extensive overview explains the fundamentals and highlights the changing role of risk management in: -- Managing financial and technological risks -- and minimizing catastrophic risks-- Limiting corporate exposure to legal liability-- Funding disability, retirement, and other human resource issues.Aimed at specialists and non-risk managers alike, Risk Management Practices also identifies special risk management considerations for specific types of businesses and industries. It presents a framework called Organizational Risk Management (ORM), which facilitates an integrated, money-saving, company-wide approach. Readers can use ORM to systematically support the corporate mission, assess and control risk, fund the purchase of insurance and other risk management tools, and finance corporate losses.

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