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Integrated Wealth Management: The New Direction for Portfolio Managers

Jean Brunel
London: Euromoney Books, 2002
335pp, ISBN: 978-1-85564-923-1

This is a thorough and authoritative examination of wealth management, which presents an integrated approach for helping portfolio managers become wealth managers. It focuses on the impact of investor psychology, maximizing tax efficiency, the implications of multiple asset locations, capital market opportunities and forecasting, strategic asset allocation, the importance of manager selection, and the multi-manager approach.

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Integrated Wealth Management: The New Direction for Portfolio Managers

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Product Description

This new book is an examination of the management of portfolios of high net worth individuals (HNWIs). Jean L.P. Brunel identifies the factors which demand a different approach from that of traditional portfolio management strategy. He suggests a new approach to wealth management, proposing practical steps which will take you beyond the role of portfolio manager to that of "wealth manager". Punctuated by examples and case histories from the author's extensive experience, the book examines each aspect of wealth management in detail, such as the importance of investor psychology; how to maximize tax efficiency including a tax-efficient portfolio construction model; the implications of multiple asset locations; capital market opportunities and forecasting; strategic asset allocation; the importance of manager selection; and the multimanager approach. This ground-breaking book should show you the route to a more effective wealth management strategy. By understanding the needs of the individual investor, maximizing the tax efficiencies and applying a fully integrated approach you can become a successful "wealth manager".

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