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Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management

QFINANCE Handbook Series
London: Bloomsbury Information, 2010
240pp, ISBN: 978-1-84930-003-2

A multi-author spin-off title from QFINANCE, with in-depth and insightful coverage by leading experts in the area of risk management. With contributions by authors including Aswath Damodaran and John C. Groth, the reader is given the key tools to tackle financial, strategic, and operational risks. This book also contains concise how-to guides to give you the knowledge and understanding needed when assessing the wide range of potential threats to your business.

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Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management

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Product Description

Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management is a multi-author book written by leading experts in the field of risk management, including Aswath Damodoran, John C. Groth, and David Shimko.

It is a valuable tool that enables you to assess the potential business threats, both from within your organization and from external sources. It comprises over 25 chapters covering the range of risks your organization might face, including financial, strategic, operational risks. It offers you over 20 practical step-by-step guides on the required steps to cope with any detrimental event that could have an impact on your company’s financial health.

There are also a range of checklists, including Balancing Hedging Objectives with Accounting Rules (FAS 133) , Creating a Risk Register, What Is Forensic Auditing? And Managing and Auditing the Risk of Business Interruption, Captive Insurance Companies: How to Reduce Your Costs, Hedging Credit Risk—Case Studies and Strategies.

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