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Definition of

vertical equity


principle that tax rates vary with income the principle that people with different incomes should pay different rates of tax

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  • Capital Structure: A Strategy that Makes Sense

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    of capital, and other conveniences. We would simply strive for the optimal debt/equity ratio depicted in Figure 1. Indeed, in this unreal world one would keep all the equity for control and to maximize wealth—and employ massive amounts of debt.1
    By John C. Groth

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    Angelos Damaskos is founder and CEO of Sector Investment Managers (SIM), an FSA-authorized and regulated investment advisory company, and portfolio manager for SIM’s Junior Oils Trust. Junior Oils Trust, launched in October 2004, focuses its investments in smaller oil and gas equities and grew from
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  • US Financial Regulation: A Hopeless Tangle, or Complexity for a Purpose?

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    AssetsLiabilitiesUS$100 (loans, bonds, investments)US$92 (deposits)US$8 (net worth, owners’ equity, capital)
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  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Today’s Catalyst Is Working Capital

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    Merger and acquisition (M&A) activities in developed countries once focused on strategic transactions for diversification or for vertical or horizontal integration. While that continues to be the situation in the developing economies, the M&A game in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan is often either to gain balance sheet assets, particularly hoards of underperforming cash, or to improve the acquired company’s working capital management
    By James S. Sagner


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