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Definition of

unlisted company


company with stock not listed on exchange a company whose shares are not listed on an exchange

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  • IPO

    Key Concepts

    IPO is the abbreviated form of initial public offering. This is the process by which large private companies or unlisted public companies want to raise their profile and capital by issuing shares to the public for the first time. This is done by listing the shares on a stock exchange of their choice

  • The Rationale of International Financial Reporting Standards and Their Acceptance by Major Countries

    Best Practice

    In February 2006, the China Accounting Standards Committee (CASC) adopted a comprehensive set of New Chinese Accounting Standards (CAS) that took effect as of the 2007 financial reports of listed companies in China. Unlisted companies are also encouraged to use the new CAS. These cover nearly all
    By Véronique Weets

  • Maintaining the Banking Relationship


    as well. (This applies to companies that are publicly listed, but even private unlisted companies often use investment banks to either handle their investments or to supply financing for the business.) There may also be relationships with other financial entities such as hedge funds or pension funds.


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