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Definition of

unique selling point


feature distinguishing specific product a specific feature that differentiates a product from similar products.

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  • Pension Schemes: A Unique and Unintended Basket of Risks on the Balance Sheet

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    Any views on interest rates over the next decade? Your debt financing may have excellent terms, and it may seem a moot point, but the pension fund’s liabilities and their associated accounting costs will swing violently over the next few decades with movements in the prevailing interest rates
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  • Maximizing Value when Selling a Business

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    judgment. Failure to sell a business that has been publicly put up for sale can destroy huge amounts of value. Each situation is unique and no text can provide a comprehensive guide, any more than you could write the complete guide to sailing in all weathers. This article will deal with general principles
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    Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that it is simple to sell their business at a good price. The reality is that selling a business is a complicated process that requires advance planning many years prior to the sale target date in order to maximize the sale price. The advance
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  • Dealing with Venture Capital Companies


    to favor businesses with a product or service that offers a unique selling point or other competitive advantage.


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