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people wanting to work but not finding jobs the situation in which some members of a country's labor force are willing to work but cannot find employment

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  • Graham Dawson


    Graham Dawson studied philosophy, politics, and economics at University College, Oxford, and holds a PhD in philosophy from the Keele University. He is the author of Inflation and Unemployment: Causes, Consequences and Cures, and of articles in journals including Philosophy and Economics, Risk, Decision and Policy, Philosophy, the Review of Austrian Economics, and Economic Affairs

  • Chile

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    Chile has struggled to reduce the high unemployment rates of the last 15 to 18 years (unemployment, which averaged 5% to 6% in the 1990s, rose to around 10% in 1999). At the end of 2007, unemployment had been reduced to 7.1%, but it started to climb again in 2008, and rose further in 2009. However

  • Slovak Republic

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    8% in the first half of the year. The organization also anticipated that the unemployment rate would rise to 10.04% during the period. Unemployment averaged 9.6% in 2008, down from 19.3% in 2001.

  • Saudi Arabia

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    Saudi Arabia has largely avoided the political unrest seen in other Arab countries in 2011. This may partly reflect the fact that King Abdullah has gone on an unprecedented spending spree. More than US$100 billion is going to be spent on various social programs—raising public-sector wages; more state aid to help people buy houses; and benefits, for the first time, for the country’s rapidly increasing number of unemployed people.


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