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Definition of

underwriting commission

Stockholding & Investments

fee guaranteeing purchase of new stock a fee paid by a company to the underwriters for guaranteeing the purchase of new shares in that company.

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  • Financial Steps in an IPO for a Small or Medium-Size Enterprise

    Best Practice

    The company, with the aid of lawyers, accountants, and underwriters, submits a registration statement to a regulatory body (such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States) for approval of the public offering. The registration statement is a detailed document about the company
    By Hung-Gay Fung

  • IPOs in Emerging Markets

    Best Practice

    The sale of shares in an IPO may take place using different methods. These are: Dutch auction, firm commitment, best efforts, bought deal, or self distribution of stock. When the IPO is successful and the underwriters sell the shares, they are rewarded by a commission calculated as a certain
    By Janusz Brzeszczynski

  • Understanding Capital Markets, Structure and Function


    In the primary market, governments, companies, or public sector organizations can obtain funding through the sale of a new stock or bonds. These are normally issued through securities dealers and banks, which underwrite the offered stocks or bonds. The issuers earn a commission, which is built

  • Equity Issues by Listed Companies: Rights Issues and Other Methods

    Best Practice

    The majority of rights issues are underwritten. This means that the investment bank arranging the issue will find sub-underwriters, usually investing institutions, to buy the shares at the offer price, or will buy them itself if necessary. The deeper the discount, the less likely
    By Seth Armitage


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