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Definition of

turnaround management

General Management

implementation of rescue measures for failing organization the implementation of a set of actions required to save an organization from business failure and return it to operational normality and financial solvency. Turnaround management usually requires strong leadership and can include restructuring and job losses, an investigation of the root causes of failure, and long-term programs to revitalize the organization.

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  • Cultural Alignment and Risk Management: Developing the Right Culture

    Best Practice

    Taking the role of the dominator, management of Novell Nouveau assumed their ways and methods to be superior to those of WordPerfect. They eliminated the sales force, assuming the Novell Nouveau organization could assume the sales and marketing function, and went on to make a host of other mistakes
    By R. Brayton Bowen

  • Merchant Banks: Their Structure and Function


    sources of cheaper funds, risk management, and hedging strategies. Further areas for advice are rehabilitation and turnaround management. Merchant bankers may design a revival package in conjunction with other financial institutions.

  • Understanding Private Equity Strategies: An Overview


    equity investments significantly outperforming the public markets. The potential benefits for successful investors can be annual returns of up to 30%. An important perceived advantage of private equity is that the agency problem is reduced, because the owners have direct contact with the managers

  • Leveraged Buyouts and Recession

    Best Practice

    The buyout market in Europe involves management buyouts and buyins of firms with or without the assistance of private equity. A management buyout is the purchase of a business by its own management, whereas a management buyin involves the purchase of a business by an external management team
    By Louise Scholes, Mike Wright


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