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Definition of

true and fair view


auditor-confirmed statement of firm's financial position a correct statement of a company's financial position as shown in its accounts and confirmed by the auditors

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  • Auditing Islamic Financial Institutions
    by Roszaini Haniffa
    The purpose of the statutory or financial statement audit is to enhance the degree of confidence of intended users of the financial statements as to whether the financial statements are prepared in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework. The most widely accepted and adopted auditing standards are those issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).Following the emergence and phenomenal growth of Islamic...
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  • Allocating Corporate Capital Fairly

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    and boards to allocate capital fairly according to the company’s strategic needs. The problem is that there is an enormous gap developing those artifacts of bygone eras—capital budgets—and the actual intent of the investments. This traditional route is a sure path to sustained mediocrity or steady decline.
    By John L. Mariotti

  • Understanding the True Cost of Issuing Convertible Debt and Other Equity-Linked Financing

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    Convertible securities (CSs) and other equity-linked instruments combine debt and equity. Depending on the terms and the issuer’s future performance, CSs can range from almost pure equity to an option-free bond. In option terms, a CS can be viewed in two ways. It amounts to a straight bond with a
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  • Fair Value Calculations


    In the securities market, fair value explains the relationship between the futures contract on a market and the actual value of the index. In other words, if futures are trading above fair value, investors believe the index will rise. The opposite is true if futures are trading below fair value


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