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Definition of

transfer out fee

Stockholding & Investments

fee for closing broker's account a fee payable when an investor closes an account with a broker

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    In its simplest form funds transfer pricing (FTP) is the process whereby the treasury of a bank (its funding center) aggregates funds centrally and then redistributes them throughout the business units, balancing funding resource excesses and shortages and thus creating an internal market for liquidity
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    exploit perceived pricing anomalies to eke out small, steady gains, while strong commodity, currency, and interest rate trends could be harvested by momentum-driven strategies such as those used by CTAs (commodity trading advisers) and global funds. There is no shortage of managers playing across different
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    cybersquatters often have to pay damages and legal fees in addition to transferring the domains.
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    Transfer pricing rules concern the provision of services as well as goods, and so they affect not only intragroup funding and hedging arrangements but also the provision of centralized treasury services. From a practical perspective, this means that apart from keeping contemporaneous documentary
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