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Definition of

total quality management

General Management

integrated system of business planning an integrated and comprehensive system of planning and controlling all business functions so that products or services are produced which meet or exceed customer expectations. TQM is a philosophy of business behavior, embracing principles such as employee involvement, continuous improvement at all levels, and customer focus, as well as being a collection of related techniques, such as full documentation of activities, clear goal-setting, and performance measurement from the customer perspective, that are aimed at improving quality.

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  • Total Quality Management and Internal Auditing
    by Jeffrey Ridley
    The 1980s and 1990s saw a worldwide increase in the teaching and implementation of quality schemes. Most of these programs focused on economics and customer satisfaction, with controlled processes, key performance indicators, and feedback mechanisms. All involved a need for continuous improvement. All required total commitment. Many evolved from existing quality control and assurance functions, and many were new, established because of...
  • Statistical Process Control for Quality Improvement
    by Priscilla Wisner
    Statistical process control (SPC) is an optimization philosophy centered on using a variety of statistical tools to enable continuous process improvement. Closely linked to the total quality management (TQM) philosophy, SPC helps firms to improve profitability by improving process and product quality. Although initially used in manufacturing, SPC tools and methods work equally well in a service environment.SPC methods are used extensively by...
  • W. Edwards Deming
    The quality and productivity pioneer
    W. Edwards Deming was raised on a farm before studying at the University of Wyoming. He went on to do a PhD at Yale while doing an internship at Bell Telephone Laboratories, and then worked at the US Department of Agriculture and the Census Department. He was a census consultant to the Japanese government and taught statistical process control methods to Japanese business leaders, working for many years as a consultant in Japan. He later moved...
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  • Total Quality Management and Internal Auditing

    Best Practice

    An understanding of my following definition of quality in the supply chain is fundamental to the achievement of quality: “TQM is all the internal and external chains of supplier, process and customer, directed by quality strategies and policies, managed through total commitment to quality principles
    By Jeffrey Ridley


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