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Definition of

terminal market


place for trading futures contracts an exchange on which futures contracts or spot deals for commodities are traded

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  • Islamic Capital Markets: The Role of Sukuk
    by Rodney Wilson
    Islamic capital markets are made up of two components, stock markets and bond markets. This contribution is primarily concerned with the latter rather than shariah-compliant stock determination. In particular it is sukuk that have become the accepted Islamic alternative to conventional bills, bonds, and notes, and hence are the major focus here.Conventional capital market instruments such as treasury bills, bonds, and notes are unacceptable from...
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  • Islamic Capital Markets: The Role of Sukuk

    Best Practice

    In the case of mudaraba and musharaka sukuk, he believed that the amount the investor gets returned on maturity should reflect the terminal market value of the asset backing the sukuk and not simply its initial nominal value. The asset used as backing for the sukuk should have real financial significance
    By Rodney Wilson

  • Understanding and Using the Repos Market


    this are known as term repos. There are also open repos, which can be terminated by either side on a day’s notice. The lender normally receives a margin on the security, meaning that it is priced below market value, typically by 2% to 5%, depending on maturity. Repos are normally not for the smaller investor: in the primary market dealers frequently transact hundreds of millions of dollars, and in the secondary market repos of one million dollars are not uncommon.

  • Investing in Structured Finance Products in the Debt Money Markets

    Best Practice

    nominal amount of securities in exchange for cash. The price received for the securities is the market price of the stock on the value date. The agreement also demands that on the termination date Bank B will sell identical stock back to Bank A at the previously agreed price; consequently, Bank B will have its cash returned with interest at the agreed repo rate.
    By Moorad Choudhry


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