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Definition of

tax subsidy


special lowering of taxes for business a tax reduction that a government gives a business for a particular purpose, usually to create jobs.

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  • Malaysia

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    Prime Minister Razak has pledged to restructure subsidies, introduce new taxes, and tackle the country’s race-based system of economic preferences, but the government has failed to implement some key tax and subsidy reforms.

  • Egypt

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    However, since 2005, Cairo has aggressively pursued economic reforms to encourage inflows of foreign investment and facilitate GDP growth. In 2005, Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif’s government reduced personal and corporate tax rates, reduced energy subsidies, and privatized several enterprises

  • Switzerland

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    of investment support is available. The types of support available include assistance or subsidy with land or premises, waiving of work permit requirements, tax holidays up to 10 years, cheap energy, and training subsidies.

  • Indonesia

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    In February 2009, the government sanctioned a US$6 billion stimulus package that included tax breaks, cuts in electricity subsidies, and increased spending on transport and infrastructure. Suharso Monoarfa, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee, said that the package would curb rising


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