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Definition of

tax payable


how much tax is due the amount of tax a person or company has to pay

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  • How Taxation Impacts on Liquidity Management
    by Martin O’Donovan
    Taxation is highly dependent on the specifics of the companies concerned and the tax jurisdictions to which they are subject. Nonetheless, there are sufficient structural similarities between countries so that background generalizations can be made, although the specific rules and tax rates vary over time and will need to be verified with local tax experts.Tax is initially assessed on the basis of each legal entity in isolation, but various...
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  • Best-Practice Working Capital Management: Techniques for Optimizing Inventories, Receivables, and Payables

    Best Practice

    Current liabilities are considered as liabilities of the business that are to be settled in cash within the fiscal year. Current liabilities include accounts payable for goods, services or supplies, short-term loans, long-term loans with maturity within one year, dividends and interest payable, or accrued liabilities such as accrued taxes.
    By Patrick Buchmann, Udo Jung

  • An Overview of Tax Deeds


    occurring before the buyer acquired the company. This includes any reasonable costs and expenses which were properly incurred and payable by the company or the buyer in connection with any reasonable action to avoid or settle a tax claim or liability. In any tax deed, the sellers will seek to limit their liability in such an undertaking to a maximum agreed amount

  • How Taxation Impacts on Liquidity Management

    Best Practice

    In the UK a new debt cap takes effect for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2010, running in parallel with the arm's length principle. The debt cap applies to limit the tax deduction for finance expense payable by UK group companies by reference to the consolidated worldwide gross
    By Martin O’Donovan


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