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Definition of

systems approach

General Management

use of computers in business organization a technique employed for organizational decision making and problem solving involving the use of computer systems. The systems approach uses systems analysis to examine the extent to which a system's components are interrelated and interdependent. When working together, these components produce an effect greater than the sum of the parts. System components might comprise departments or functions of an organization or business which work together for an overall objective.

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  • Managing Operational Risks Using an All-Hazards Approach

    Best Practice

    In many organizations, the approach to dealing with operational risks is stove-piped, with different entities having responsibility for different hazards. For example, environmental health and safety worries about toxicity exposure, legal is concerned with liability, human resources focuses on occupational health, executive management has its eye on business continuity, risk management addresses insurance, and research and development cares about design failure
    By Mark Abkowitz

  • An Approach to Understanding Reputation Risk in Financial Services

    Best Practice

    In both these cases the underlying cause of loss is an operational (or other) risk event. However, along with a direct financial impact—for example, the cost of rectifying the system failure in the first case—there is also a reputational impact, which typically comes in the form of loss of business
    By Philip Whittingham

  • A Holistic Approach to Business Risk Management

    Best Practice

    In summary, all risks have potential consequences for financial and business continuity. A holistic approach means looking at each risk in the context of others, and of the business and financial risk as a whole.
    By Terry Carroll

  • Stress-Testing in Asset and Liability Management: A Coherent Approach

    Best Practice

    It is clear that stress tests are much needed in order to complement the usual VaR measures as a foundation for risk-adjusted decision-making. However, the traditional stress-testing approaches used by market participants and/or requested by the regulators suffer from a fundamental problem: there is no attempt to assign probabilities to the scenarios considered.
    By Alex Canavezes, Mario Schlener


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