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Definition of

strategic analysis

General Management

assessment of business procedures and environment the process of evaluating the business environment within which an organization operates and the organization itself as part of a process of formulating long-term objectives

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  • Reputation and Strategic Issue Management

    Best Practice

    on the internet quickly reveals the importance of crisis management in the business lexicon. Type in “issue analysis” or “issue management” and there is significantly little presence on the web. Why? Because most people in business habitually use the terms “issue” and “issue management,” yet there is poor
    By John Dalton

  • Aligning the Internal Audit Function with Strategic Objectives

    Best Practice

    processes. This systematic approach and analysis is implemented across all parts of an organization, and the internal auditor reports directly and independently to the most senior level of management. The role of the internal auditor, therefore, is to provide an overall assurance to management that all key risks within an organization are managed effectively, so that the organization can achieve its strategic objectives.
    By Ilias G. Basioudis

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Patterns, Motives, and Strategic Fit

    Best Practice

    In addition to the clear strategic benefits of combining two highly complementary organizations and product families, we can create substantial shareowner value through significant cost-structure improvements and access to new growth opportunities.”2
    By Siri Terjesen

  • Using Financial Analysis to Evaluate Strategy

    Best Practice

    Many well-known tools and techniques of financial analysis are used by investors, stockbrokers, and corporate managers to assess corporate performance. Their use is particularly prevalent in mergers and acquisitions and in the analysis of capital expenditure. But how often do we say: “Let’s do some
    By David Sadtler


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