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Definition of

stockholders' equity


firm's share capital and reserves the part of a company's financial assets consisting of share capital and retained profits.

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  • Return on StockholdersEquity


    Return on equity (ROE) is probably the most widely used measure of how well a company is performing for its stockholders.

  • How Stockholders Can Effectively Engage with Companies

    Best Practice

    Stockholder organizations also need to be internally consistent. The equities analysts in a fund management organization are often not closely linked with the ESG (environmental, social, governance) people, and they send mixed signals to companies. For example, in their discussions with companies the analysts, may be focusing on short-term financial factors, while the ESG or governance people are talking about longer-term ESG or structural issues
    By James Gifford

  • The Changing Role and Regulation of Equity Research

    Best Practice

    Equity research is the publication by analysts of reports, notes, and emails that offer an investment recommendation on the quoted stock of a company (typically buy, sell, or hold). The recommendation is supported by an investment case, financial forecasts, and a valuation. Reports vary enormously
    By Simon Taylor

  • Equity Issues by Listed Companies: Rights Issues and Other Methods

    Best Practice

    In a further twist, Bradford and Bingley arranged for Texas Pacific Group (TPG), a private equity investor, to buy shares at 55p via a placing, acquiring a 23% stake and two seats on the board. TPG’s shares were not offered to existing stockholders and were therefore not part of the rights issue
    By Seth Armitage


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