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Definition of

statutory voting

Corporate Governance

system granting one vote per share a system of voting in which stockholders in a company have one vote per share of stock owned

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    Above all, integrity, teamwork, and trust across the board are paramount. Consensus is ideal, with a vote hardly ever needed. Consequently, these qualities matter most of all in the selection of the chairman of the board or audit committee.
    By Terry Carroll

  • United States of America

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    is represented in Congress by a non-voting delegate, who is directly elected for a two-year term. Under the Organic Act of Guam 1950, Guam has statutory powers of self-government. The governor and lieutenant-governor are directly elected for a four-year term. The 15-member unicameral legislature is directly

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    of being listed on the appropriate stock exchange. Some of these principles were found in the original voluntary rules of the stock exchanges (for example in the Combined Code of the London Stock Exchange). Statutory provision has reinforced these rules—Directors’ Remuneration Report Regulations 2002 (UK), Sarbanes–Oxley 2002 (US), SEC rules (US), NRE Act 2001 (France), and in Germany, the Cromme Code (2002
    By Shaun Tyson

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    You cannot vote yourself more debt once the markets are closed to you. Even austerity doesn’t help that much because massive cutbacks provoke a deep depression, and that hammers government tax revenues—which makes it even harder to service debt interests. The market sees this and raises the interest
    By John Mauldin


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