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Definition of

sovereign risk


risk that government defaults on loan the risk that a government may refuse to repay or be unable to repay money it has borrowed

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  • Forget Sovereign Wealth Funds

    Best Practice

    it invests them either at home or abroad in a viable and profitable manner. If the existing global financial status quo is maintained and sovereign wealth funds are still causing the same hype during the next couple of years, economic policy in the SWF countries would still be on the wrong track, risking a
    By Diana Choyleva

  • Measuring Country Risk

    Best Practice

    Two key questions must be addressed when investing in emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The first relates to whether we should impose an additional risk premium when valuing equities in these markets. As we will see, the answer will depend upon whether we view markets
    By Aswath Damodaran

  • ERM for Emerging Risks in General Insurance

    Best Practice

    LTCM failed because both its trading models and its risk management models failed to anticipate the extreme scenario of Russia’s default on its government debt and the cycle of losses that followed. The announcement led to a global review of credit and sovereign risks. Panicked investors sold
    By George C. Orros

  • How to Manage Emerging Market Risks with Third Party Insurance

    Best Practice

    no problems with the sovereign government, there is no guarantee that it will be safe from interference from increasingly militant local governments, local judges interpreting local laws, or activist community organizations, which can frustrate or destroy a project just as effectively as an outright
    By Rod Morris


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