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Definition of

sole distributor


retailer with exclusive right to sell something a retailer who is the only one in an area who is allowed by the manufacturer to sell a specific product or service

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  • Distribution Agreements


    The distributor can be exclusive or nonexclusive. An exclusive distribution agreement gives the distributor the sole right to distribute and sell the products in that territory—the principal will not appoint any other distributors. A nonexclusive arrangement means that there will be other

  • Corporate Strategies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) from 2009 to 2011


    The key strategic pillars for multinationals operating in CEE over the last decade, and especially in the last three to four years, have been: Steady increase in corporate resources that are solely dedicated to developing business in CEE. Sharp increase in local presence everywhere, but also in small
    By Nenad Pacek

  • Managing Liquidity in China—Challenging Times

    Best Practice

    Under a trilateral entrustment renminbi loan structure, the designated bank is “entrusted” by a depositor to lend on funds provided solely by the depositor to a designated borrower. The bank essentially acts as an intermediary between the parties to meet the regulatory prohibition on intercompany
    By Marlene Wittman


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