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Definition of

sole agent


somebody with sole agency for company a person who has the sole agency for a company in an area.

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  • Structuring, Negotiating, and Drafting Agency Agreements


    Under an agency agreement for the sale of goods manufactured by the principal, the principal gives the agent the right to sell its products in a well-defined territory, for a certain period of time, in exchange for a commission fee. The agency can be simple, sole, or exclusive. A sole agency means

  • Distribution Agreements


    The supplier and distributor enter into a distribution agreement, which is drafted by the supplier, then negotiated and amended by the distributor. Certain distributors can be agents of the supplier, but this is not always the case.

  • How the Settlement Infrastructure Is Surviving the Financial Meltdown

    Best Practice

    When trades are conducted on a regulated exchange, they are cleared and settled by post-trade infrastructure providers. Central counterparties (CCPs), also known as clearing houses, often reduce risk by acting as the sole buyer to the seller and the sole seller to the buyer, as well as netting
    By Yves Poullet

  • Bankruptcy Resolution and Investor Protection in Sukuk Markets

    Best Practice

    The sukuk was issued by SPV, Nakheel Development Limited (Nakheel SPV), a newly incorporated free-zone company with limited liability in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Nakheel SPV acted as agent and trustee for and on behalf of the sukuk-holders, in accordance with an agency declaration and a declaration of trust.
    By Kamal Abdelkarim Hassan, Muhamad Kholid


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