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Definition of

short-term security

Stockholding & Investments

security maturing within 5 years a security that matures in less than five years

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  • Default Position
    by Aaron Brown
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.Few CEOs or heads of government demonstrate wisdom and courage when investors start buying naked credit default swap (CDS) protection against their company’s or country’s default. They are likely to complain that it is “like buying fire insurance on a neighbor’s house.”Actually it’s not like buying insurance, which is bought on physical assets. Hedging is done against the mismanagement of...
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  • Managing Liquidity Risk in a Financial Institution: The Dangers of Short-Term Liabilities

    Best Practice

    The assets and liabilities of a firm can be segregated into their short-term and long-term components. Short-term assets include cash, cash equivalents, marketable securities, and marketable inventories—i.e., any asset that can be converted in a short period of time to cash. Long-term assets include
    By David Shimko

  • Securitization: Understanding the Risks and Rewards

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    Similarly, it is possible to carve out long-term, nonrevolving securities from short-term, revolving credit card receivables.
    By Tarun Sabarwal

  • Understanding and Using the Repos Market


    this are known as term repos. There are also open repos, which can be terminated by either side on a day’s notice. The lender normally receives a margin on the security, meaning that it is priced below market value, typically by 2% to 5%, depending on maturity. Repos are normally not for the smaller investor: in the primary market dealers frequently transact hundreds of millions of dollars, and in the secondary market repos of one million dollars are not uncommon.


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