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Definition of

shell company


registered firm whose shares no longer trade a company that has ceased to trade but is still registered, especially one sold to enable the buyer to begin trading without having to establish a new company

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    speaker, Feather was born in the United Kingdom but is now based in Toronto, Canada. He has consulted for companies including Ericsson, IBM, Ford, Nokia, and Shell. He has been special adviser to China on economic modernization and market reforms continuously since 1984, and has seen many of his ideas

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    Arie de Geus (b. 1930) was the Head of Shell Oil Company’s Strategic Planning Group, and is a public speaker. Since his retirement he has advised many government and private institutions, worked for MIT’s Center for Organizational Learning, and as a visiting fellow at London Business School.

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    Jon White is a consultant specializing in the application of psychological thinking to the problems of organizational communication, working internationally for clients such as the European Commission and Shell. He is associated with Henley Business School, Cardiff University, the University of Central Lancashire, and universities in Germany and Switzerland, for teaching, research, and special projects

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    It is possible to take a longitudinal view of the reputational performance of British companies using the BMAC surveys from 1990 to 2009. Table 1 shows that during this period just 10 companies have been overall BMAC winners. These are Royal Dutch Shell, Marks & Spencer, GlaxoSmithKline, Rentokil
    By Michael Brown, Paul Turner


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