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in accordance with Islamic law used to describe financial activities and investments that comply with Islamic law, which prohibits the charging of interest and involvement in any enterprise associated with activities or products forbidden by Islamic law

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  • Managing Shariah-Compliant Portfolios: The Challenges, the Process, and the Opportunities

    Best Practice

    It is still puzzling to understand why something as straightforward as Islamic wealth and asset management has eluded the professional classes to date. At the time of writing, only one single major global money center bank, and paltry few independent asset managers, had constructed credible service offerings for Muslim clients who wish to enjoy shariah-compliant investing along with professional investment management
    By John Sandwick

  • An Overview of Shariah-Compliant Funds


    This checklist looks at leasing, equity, development, and commodity funds that are compliant with shariah law, outlining what they are and how they operate.

  • Possibilities for Shariah-Compliant Derivatives


    Given that shariah stipulates the need for a wide public interest in financial dealings, compatible instruments that help to reduce uncertainty and risk are compliant with the Islamic principle of maslahah (public interest). However, some Islamic scholars take the view that as one party seeks to lower

  • Kilian Bälz


    Kilian Bälz is a partner of Amereller Legal Consultants, a specialist law firm focusing on the MENA region, with offices in Cairo, Damascus, Dubai, Baghdad, and Erbil, in addition to Munich and Berlin. Based in the firm’s Cairo office, he advises international and regional financial institutions and corporations on M&A and financing transactions in the region, also including shariah-compliant transactions


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