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shared values

General Management

firm's important guiding principles the guiding principles of an organization, espoused by senior management, and accepted by employees, often reflected in the mission statement of the organization. Core values often influence the culture of an organization and are usually long-standing beliefs.

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  • Valuing Start-Ups

    Best Practice

    At each stage in the process we need estimates of value. At the idea stage, the value may never be put down on paper, but it is the potential of realizing this value that induces the entrepreneur to invest time and money in developing the idea. At subsequent stages of the capital-raising process, valuations become more important because they determine what share of ownership the entrepreneur will have to give up in return for external funding
    By Aswath Damodaran

  • The Human Value of the Enterprise

    Best Practice

    The individual asset multiplier is designed to reflect the relevant factors that make individuals valuable in their current context. These factors are not universal and vary for each group of employees sharing a common value output. Examples, however, include:
    By Andrew Mayo

  • Creating Value with EVA

    Best Practice

    The value-based management movement is based on two assumptions. The first is that the main aim of any business in a market economy is to maximize shareholder value. The second is that markets are too competitive for companies to create such value by accident. They must plan for it. And that means
    By S. David Young

  • Dividend Policy: Maximizing Shareholder Value

    Best Practice

    Even though share repurchasing is not an investment, it may be the best use of corporate cash from the point of view of the present investors. This may be the case if the present stock price is below the intrinsic value of the shares.
    By Harold Bierman, Jr


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