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Definition of

share certificate

Stockholding & Investments

document representing ownership in firm a document that certifies ownership of a share in a company.

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  • Acquiring a Secondary Listing, or Cross-Listing

    Best Practice

    Companies cross-list by issuing depository receipts. These are certificates that are first issued by the company to a bank in a foreign country, which in turn issues the certificates to investors in that country. Indirectly, DRs represent ownership of home market shares in the overseas corporation
    By Meziane Lasfer

  • Equity Issues by Listed Companies: Rights Issues and Other Methods

    Best Practice

    This article is about issues of shares to investors by companies that are already listed on a stock exchange. Such issues are often called rights issues, although in fact the rights issue is only one of several issue methods used. Other methods will also be discussed here. A generic term for issues
    By Seth Armitage

  • The Case for Separation of Islamic Banks’ Transaction and Investment Functions


    The financing of corporate clients and consumers would be undertaken by separate legal entities comparable to mutual funds. These Islamic finance houses could mobilize resources by selling standardized certificates based on mudarabah contracts. The finance house and the subscribers would share
    By Volker Nienhaus

  • Islamic Capital Markets: The Role of Sukuk

    Best Practice

    exploitative. Islamic economists prefer equity to debt financing because of the risk-sharing characteristics of the former, which is viewed as fairer to all parties. They are also concerned about the injustices that often arise with excessive indebtedness, as in the case of developing country debt, or simply the higher interest charges often faced by those with no collateral to offer and the poor more generally.
    By Rodney Wilson


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