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Definition of

share at par

Stockholding & Investments

stock valued at face value a share whose value on the stock market is the same as its face value

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  • Conversion Ratio


    In this example, the conversion ratio is 25:1, which means that every bond held with a $1,000 par value can be exchanged for 25 shares of common stock.

  • Understanding the Balance Sheet


    On the balance sheet equity typically includes: the total number of shares authorized, issued and fully paid, and issued but not fully paid; the par value, i.e. face value, of the shares; a reconciliation of shares outstanding at the beginning and the end of the period covered by the balance sheet

  • Creating a Balance Sheet


    Liabilities$Payables7,000Taxes4,000Miscellaneous3,000Bonds and notes25,000Total liabilities39,000Stockholders’ equity (stock, par value × shares outstanding)80,000Retained earnings10,000Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity129,000

  • Using Securitization as a Corporate Funding Tool

    Best Practice

    A simple transaction can involve the sale of just one bond class with a par value of $300 million. We will call this Bond Class A. Suppose that 300,000 certificates are issued for Bond Class A with a par value of $1,000 per certificate. Then, each certificate holder would be entitled to 1
    By Frank J. Fabozzi


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