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Definition of


  • 1. Finance

    payment the payment of an outstanding debt, invoice, account, or charge

  • 2. Stockholding & Investments

    finalizing security sale the transfer of property such as securities from a seller to a buyer in return for payment

  • 3. E-Commerce

    transfer of payment to account of e-business the portion of an electronic transaction during which the customer's credit card is charged for the transaction and the proceeds are deposited into the merchant account

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    Best Practice

    While the headlines are dominated by the plight of the banking sector, and the wider economic implications of the financial crisis, it is our job to make sure that the securities settlement infrastructure on which you have come to rely continues to function well. As if that was not challenging
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  • Paul Belok


    Paul Belok, principal and actuary at Aon Consulting, has been involved in providing actuarial and benefits consulting advice to trustees and corporate clients for over 20 years. As head of settlement solutions for Aon Consulting, including responsibility for bulk annuity issues, Belok is a regular

  • How to Better Manage Your Financial Supply Chain

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    ” The Aberdeen Group, another research company, calls the financial supply chain “a range of B-to-B trade-related intra- and inter-company financial transaction-based functions and processes [which] begin before buyers and suppliers establish contact and proceed beyond the settlement process.” The two definitions
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  • Capital Adequacy

    Key Concepts

    measures of capital adequacy are those specified by the Basel Committee of the Bank for International Settlements. The Basel Capital Accord, which came into effect in 1992, requires banks to have capital equal to a minimum of 8% of their assets. New rules, known as Basel II, were proposed in 2004, and are designed to improve public supervision of banks, reduce the chances of disastrous failures, and strengthen the stability of the overall financial system


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