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Definition of

selling price variance

Operations & Production

discrepancy between actual and planned selling prices the difference between the actual selling price and the budgeted selling price

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    Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that it is simple to sell their business at a good price. The reality is that selling a business is a complicated process that requires advance planning many years prior to the sale target date in order to maximize the sale price. The advance
    By Frederick Lipman

  • Maximizing Value when Selling a Business

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    It is frequently contended that the most important output of the theoretical valuation process is not the maximum number calculated, but that it validates a “walkaway” price—the price at which the vendor will simply stop the process and refuse to sell. This number needs to be at the forefront
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    The most important, yet most difficult, part of the initial public offering (IPO) process is setting the offer price. In an IPO, the issuer, aided by an intermediating investment bank, plans to sell a relatively large number of shares of common stock in which there is at that point no market
    By Jos van Bommel


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