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Definition of

selling costs

Operations & Production

expenses involved in selling something the amount of money needed for the advertising, sales representatives' commissions, and other expenses involved in selling something

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  • Maximizing Value when Selling a Business

    Best Practice

    judgment. Failure to sell a business that has been publicly put up for sale can destroy huge amounts of value. Each situation is unique and no text can provide a comprehensive guide, any more than you could write the complete guide to sailing in all weathers. This article will deal with general principles
    By John Gilligan

  • Marginal Cost


    Marginal cost is based on the economic theory that the more goods are produced, the lower will be the per-unit cost.

  • The Missing Metrics: Managing the Cost of Complexity

    Best Practice

    If the mug’s total landed cost is $1 and it sells for $2, this yields a 50% gross profit margin.
    By John L. Mariotti

  • Reducing Costs through Change Management

    Best Practice

    Change management may be described as a process for opening an enterprise’s culture to new ways, gaining individual employee buy-in, and training employees to be a part of the new and better enterprise. If management fails to anticipate the need for change management, projects will inevitably cost
    By Beverly Goldberg


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