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wave of selling that lowers security's price rapid or widespread selling that causes a sudden drop in the price of a security or a drop in a market

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  • Booms, Busts, and How to Navigate Troubled Waters

    Best Practice

    to be sold at the worst possible time. In the financial crisis of 2008 it was the forced selling by hedge funds, private equity funds, and other investors that partially contributed to the sell-off of stock markets in the second half of 2008.
    By Joachim Klement

  • Acid-Test Ratio


    Potential creditors like to use the acid-test ratio because it reveals how a company would fare if it had to pay off its bills under the worst possible conditions. Indeed, the assumption behind the acid-test ratio is that creditors are howling at the door demanding immediate payment, and that an enterprise has no time to sell off its inventory, or any of its stock.

  • Corporate Governance in Transitional Countries—Shareholders or Stakeholders?

    Best Practice

    and the bank’s deposits increased. Nomura, however, did not act as a strategic partner. Instead, it concentrated on selling off significant stakes in Czech industrial companies, which were held in portfolios of investment funds owned and managed by IPB.
    By Irena Jindrichovska

  • Poland

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    During the first six weeks of 2009, the currency weakened by more than 16% in a sell-off that also engulfed other currencies in Eastern Europe, due to worries over a collapse in the growth of their export-dependent economies and financing. Between mid-2008 and mid-February 2009, the zloty weakened


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