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Definition of

securitized mortgage

Stockholding & Investments

mortgage exchanged for securities a mortgage that has been converted into securities.

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  • Lessons from the Current Crisis
    by Jagdish Bhagwati
    Jagdish Bhagwati is University Professor, Economics and Law, at Columbia University and Senior Fellow in International Economics at the Council of Foreign Relations. One of the world’s leading economists today, he writes frequently in the leading newspapers and magazines.
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  • Securitization: Understanding the Risks and Rewards

    Best Practice

    In broad terms, securitization can be viewed as pooling receivables and selling claims to these receivables in capital markets. For example, a mortgage lender may pool together thousands of mortgages and sell claims on mortgage receivables to investors. Historically, the first securitizations
    By Tarun Sabarwal

  • Using Securitization as a Corporate Funding Tool

    Best Practice

    Although securitization was first used in the late 1960s by US government entities to create mortgage-backed securities, it was not used by nonfinancial corporations (i.e., corporations whose principal activity is the production of goods and nonfinancial services) to raise funds in the public market until March 1985 when Sperry Lease Finance Corporation (now Unisys) issued securities backed by a pool of lease receivables
    By Frank J. Fabozzi

  • The Role of the Global Property Markets Since the Crash


    ! We would not have had the absurd position of people with very low incomes being granted 110% mortgages on third homes, and the toxic element in the US securitized mortgage market would have been greatly diminished.
    By Hans Vrensen


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