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Definition of

seasonal variation


changes in data based on time of year the variation of data according to specific times of the year such as the winter months or a tourist season

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  • Sri Lanka

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    of the island. In areas over 600m above sea level, grasslands (patanas or talawas) are found. Elevation extremes range from 2,524m (Pidurutalagala) to 0m (Indian Ocean). The climate is tropical with little seasonal variation in conditions and humidity, which often reaches around 90 per cent. The island

  • Taiwan

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    of southern China, with large seasonal variations in temperature, dry winters and wet summers. The typhoon season lasts from May to November, with particularly high humidity between July and September. Average temperatures in Taipei range from 12°C in January and February and 33°C in July.

  • British Virgin Islands

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    with coral reefs offshore. The highest point of elevation is 521m (Mt Sage, on Tortola). The climate is sub-tropical, with little variation in temperature, which typically ranges between 25°C in January and 27°C in July. The hurricane season is from June to November.

  • The Key Components of an Audit Report


    staff are paid for by the organization. This can lead to questions about objectivity. Carefully analyze any profit-and-loss statements for differences during the reporting period. Anomalies might be due to seasonal or other variations, or may indicate deeper problems. When reviewing internal audits


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