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Definition of

sampling design


plan for selecting representative subgroup the procedure by which a particular sample is chosen from a population

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  • Statistical Process Control for Quality Improvement

    Best Practice

    out whether or not their processes conform to expectations. Furthermore, the use of SPC methods can help to identify instances of process variation that may signal a problem in the process. By identifying process variation and potential nonconformance with design expectations early in the production or service environment, managers can proactively make corrections before the process variation negatively impacts quality and customer perceptions.
    By Priscilla Wisner

  • Passive Portfolio Management and Fixed-Income Investing

    Best Practice

    portfolio designed to achieve benchmark returns is to use a stratified sampling (or cell-matching) technique. This method allows an investor to control the risk factors which they deem most important in determining returns in the bond market. This approach can be used irrespective of the scale
    By Andrew Ainsworth

  • Implementing an Effective Internal Controls System

    Best Practice

    designed to operate at intervals (such as at week, month, or year ends), initial sample sizes may be as in Table 1. For controls that apply to individual transactions Table 2 may be appropriate, which can also be used for interval controls that are used in multiple locations or on multiple occasions.
    By Andrew Chambers

  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property—Registered Rights

    Best Practice

    Although some intellectual property rights come into existence on the creation of their subject matter, most intellectual property rights are not recognized by law until a process of registration is completed. Patents for inventions, trademarks, and some types of design are generally subject
    By Jeremy Phillips


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