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Definition of

sales turnover


amount of sales in specific period the total amount sold within a specific time period, usually a year. Sales turnover is often expressed in monetary terms but can also be expressed in terms of the total amount of stock or products sold.

sales turnover - Related Articles
  • Asset Turnover


    Asset turnover’s basic formula is simply sales divided by assets:

  • Accounts Receivable Turnover


    The formula for accounts receivable turnover is straightforward. Simply divide the average amount of receivables into annual credit sales:

  • Working Capital Productivity


    However expressed or calculated, working capital productivity is a measurement that offers a snapshot of a company’s efficiency by comparing working capital with sales or turnover.

  • Efficiency and Operating Ratios


    A different method measures efficiency simply by tracking three other measures: accounts payable to sales, days sales outstanding, and inventory turnover, which indicates how fast a company is able to move its merchandise. A general guide is that if the first two of these measures are low and third


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