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Definition of

sales ledger


record of total income a record of all the income received by an organization.

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  • Factoring and Invoice Discounting: Working Capital Management Options
    by Irena Jindrichovska
    Factoring is provided by financial institutions, for example banks and individual factoring brokers. It is a form of asset-based financing, where the factor provides funding based upon the values of a borrower’s accounts receivable, i.e. corporate debtors. The receivables are purchased by the factor rather than used as collateral for a loan. This means that the ownership of receivables shifts from the seller to the factor. Factoring generally...
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  • Factoring and Invoice Discounting: Working Capital Management Options

    Best Practice

    -quality organization, the corporate client will suffer and have problems with cash flow. Lack of regulation in the industry may also be a problem in using factoring. Invoice discounting is less complex as the discounter provides only financing, while the company retains total control over its sales ledger.
    By Irena Jindrichovska

  • How to Optimize Stock Control


    Holding too much stock can result in a company having too much cash tied up in stock, but holding too little can lose clients. Efficient stock control facilitates “just in time” stock management, with an order schedule that forecasts stock reordering requirements for a period of time ahead, based on factors such as open sales orders, open purchase orders, and the required-by date.

  • How Internal Auditing Can Help with a Company’s Fraud Issues

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    /10/06OKAccounts receivables reconciled to the general ledger by individual with no conflicting duties.DetectiveYes1/10/06OKAccounting Manager authorization required to write off uncollectible accounts.PreventativeYes1/10/06OKRebilling of past due items to change the # of days past due (To change DSO’s for example
    By Gail Harden


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