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Definition of

sale by tender


sale to party invited to make offer the sale of an asset to interested parties who have been invited to make an offer. The asset is sold to the party that makes the highest offer.

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  • To Hedge or Not to Hedge

    Best Practice

    The most common trading situation creating this exposure is the sale or purchase of goods or services on extended payment terms in foreign currencies. Another common situation arises when dividend or interest payments are paid or received.
    By Steve Robinson

  • CEOs Should Refresh Their Finance Skills


    Subsequently, they should try to execute the strategy implied by the spreadsheet. Clearly, this is not the same thing as maximizing short-term objectives such as profits or earnings per share. For example, a private banker who sells a bad product to his clients may see bank profits rise as a result of the fees, but the value of his business will go down if, as a result of that sale, the client leaves the bank
    By Theo Vermaelen

  • A Single Currency for Asia?


    But the troubles of the euro have made the South East Asian economies wary of currency unification. South East Asia, or more specifically the ASEAN group of economies, is central to moves toward a single Asian currency. The lack of enthusiasm of the ASEAN on a common legal tender for the region underscores the erosion in credibility that the concept of a single regional currency has suffered following the European crisis.
    By Amitendu Palit

  • Going Private: Public-to-Private Leveraged Buyouts

    Best Practice

    Afraid of losing their jobs if a hostile suitor takes control, the management may decide to take the company private. Thus, an MBO is the ultimate defensive measure against a hostile stockholder or tender offer.
    By Luc Renneboog


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