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Definition of

revenue center


center for generating income without costs a part of a business that raises revenue but has no responsibility for costs, for example, a sales center

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  • Ghana

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    Ghana, a relative economic star in Africa, is considered likely to attain its goal of middle-income status by 2015, especially given future oil revenues. It is the second-largest producer of cocoa, and Africa’s no. 2 gold miner. It is relatively open to foreign investment. The domestic economy

  • Cayman Islands

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    kilometers north-west of Jamaica. In 1959, the islands became a territory within the Federation of the West Indies, but when the Federation dissolved in 1962, the Cayman Islands chose to remain a British dependency. With no direct taxation, the islands have developed into a thriving offshore financial center

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    Tourism accounts for around 25% of the government’s annual revenue. The country is a major banking center and closely guards the privacy of its clients. However, Monaco’s banking and taxation system have come under criticism from France and Germany. Monaco has been accused of tolerating money

  • How to Implement a Standard Chart of Accounts Effectively

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    Thus, it is imperative to conduct a careful analysis of the process for data capture. While much reporting information can easily be extracted from basic input data from invoices, etc, the consistent splitting of costs and revenues by appropriate cost and activity centers is more challenging.
    By Aziz Tayyebi


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