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Definition of


  • 1. Finance

    money held for contingencies and opportunities a sum of money held by a person or organization to finance unexpected business opportunities.

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  • 2. Banking

    money that bank holds for withdrawals the money that a bank holds to ensure that it can satisfy its depositors' demands for withdrawals

  • 3. Accounting

    profit not distributed plus stock subscriptions in a company balance sheet, the total of profits not yet distributed to shareholders and the amount subscribed for stock in excess of the nominal value

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  • Reserve Ratio


    Also called the “reserve requirement,” the reserve ratio is a device used both to facilitate financial stability and to influence credit conditions.

  • Longevity, Reserves, and Annuities—A Difficult Circle to Square

    Best Practice

    -term liabilities. Their job is made more difficult by regulators who, after the current banking sector turmoil, can be expected to take a very conservative view of asset values. The result will be that insurers will have to hold much higher capital reserves—and this, again, will raise the price of annuities. From
    By Paul Belok

  • Bretton Woods

    Key Concepts

    currency reserves. However, by the late 60s, the growing influence of Japan and Europe began to put the Bretton Woods agreement under considerable strain. The system eventually floundered in 1971 following the US’s decision to scrap the convertibility of dollars into gold.

  • Andrew Ainsworth


    previously worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia. His current research interests include investments, the role of information in fixed income and equity markets, ex-dividend trading behavior, and market microstructure.


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