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Definition of

regulatory body

Regulation & Compliance

organization regulating firms' activities an independent organization, usually established by government, that regulates the activities of companies in an industry.

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  • Rushing Through Complexity: Solvency II
    by Marc Beckers
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.The introduction of a risk-based approach to required capital across Europe is causing serious concern throughout the insurance industry. The impact of the new Solvency II regulations on the available capacity and cost of insurance was cited as one of their three most serious concerns by 42% of respondents to a recent poll by the Federation of European Risk Managers Associations.One worry is...
  • Hedge Fund Challenges Extend Beyond Regulation
    by Kevin Burrows
    Victim Rather than VillainThe hedge fund sector has been vilified by some politicians, both in Europe and in the US, as if it were a significant contributor to the banking collapse and subsequent global recession. In reality, the hedge fund industry was very much a victim of the banks during the latter half of 2008, and there are some significant litigation actions pending, in which hedge funds are suing investment banks for alleged misdealings...
  • Investment Risk in Islamic Finance
    by Kamal Abdelkarim Hassan, Hassan Ahmed Yusuf
    At the inception of Islamic finance, Islamic economists advocated change and developed a policy for Islamic banking practice and process, arguing that the main aspect of conventional banking—riba (interest)—required immediate rectification if Islamic banking was to exist. To achieve this goal, profit and loss sharing methods were introduced, along with other products such as ijarah (lease) and murabahah (cost plus). The rest of the technical...
  • Testing Times: Global Banking Regulation
    by Brian Caplen
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.In the past regulators came under fire for allowing the banks too much rope, but now—with new regulatory bodies springing up—the worry is that politicians will exploit a deeper involvement in banking regulation to impress voters.

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