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Definition of

redeemable preference share

Stockholding & Investments

preference share that firm may buy back a type of preferred stock that a company has the right to buy back at a specific date and for a specific price.

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  • Convertible Preferred Stock


    Convertible preferred stock (known as preference shares in the United Kingdom) gives the holder the right to exchange it at a fixed price for another security, usually common stock. The trick is knowing if, and when, to exercise that right.

  • Earnings per Share


    To calculate EPS, start with net income (earnings) for the period in question, subtract the total value of any preferred stock dividends, then divide the resulting figure by the number of shares outstanding during that period:

  • The Ability of Ratings to Predict the Performance of Exchange-Traded Funds

    Best Practice

    in the index. The high liquidity of ETFs is achieved due to the ability of market-makers, which are usually large brokerage houses, to create and redeem shares of ETFs perpetually in response to market demand.
    By Gerasimos G. Rompotis

  • Private Investments in Public Equity

    Best Practice

    With a structured PIPE, the issuance price of the PIPE shares is not fixed on the closing date of the private placement. Instead, it adjusts (often, downward only) based on future price movements of the issuer’s common stock. For example, investors may be issued convertible debt or preferred stock
    By William K. Sjostrom, Jr


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